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Do you have sales staff or home workers that require access to your corporate email, collaboration software, shared files and resources, etc.?


Aram IT can offer mobile solutions that will provide your on-the-road or home office staff with secure mobile access to your corporate network. We have the necessary expertise and experience to provide comprehensive solutions that will enable employees to effectively and securely work away from the office.  We can provide your remote workers with secure encrypted connections back to your corporate servers from their mobile devices, laptops, or home office PC’s.  Whatever requirements your mobile workforce might have we can provide a secure collaborative working environment.


Does your organisation have a need to control and secure the mobile devices that are brought into your corporate working environment?


The benefits of a mobile-enabled workforce are undeniable and far-reaching and these days businesses are no longer constrained by time and place. Today’s savviest enterprises are using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a tool to drive mobile accessibility and enable employees to complete a business task at a moment’s notice, on whichever device is nearby.  Providing your workforce with mobility is challenging and without the implementation of a comprehensive BYOD policy or if the policy is incorrectly implemented it can lead to the compromisation of your corporate data and your corporate network infrastructure. Let Aram IT Solutions help make your BYOD approach to workforce mobility a compromise-free reality.


Do you provide services to the public in the hospitality, teaching, or retail sector and do you need to provide your customers with guest wireless connectivity to the internet?


In today’s online world, offering access to a wireless LAN is almost an obligation for any organisation that has a high level of public footfall. Be it a hotel, language school, or a cafe, guest wireless internet access is always in demand by the customers, visitors, or students.  Even in the corporate environment guest wireless is offered as a convenience and a way to make the meetings or engagements as productive as possible, with the guests able to access email or websites during their visit.  Allow Aram IT Solutions to provide you with a guest wireless access system that will cater to the needs of your customers and visitors whilst keeping your own private network infrastructure safe and secure.